Bit Library

Currently we have more than "0"-bit and 2.500.000.000 "1"-bit" in stock. Download as many as you need and arrange them in any pattern you like. But be careful, there are some crazy countries with crazy governments who will send you to jail if you arrange them in a pattern they don't like!

Freedom for knowledge, information and numbers!

Nobody should have the right to exclusively own knowledge, information or numbers.

Programs, pictures or movies are nothing but large numbers!
A number can't be good or bad! Only a person who reads a number can be bad. So don't forbid numbers but try to make bad people good.

Remember: Any number is a substring of Pi (3.14...). If you write Pi you have violated all existing copyrights and published all forbidden text, pictures and sounds of the past, present and future.

Patents are the biggest crime the human brain ever invented. If you have the slightest chance to fight against them, do it.

And here some pre-defined bit pattern for free use: